Friday, July 26, 2013

We’re a Mess

Hayes has no desire to have me feed him solid foods. He either wants to eat from the food pouches or feed himself table food. After every meal there is a five foot radius around him that is covered in food.

7-25-13 028

And the other two! Dinner time has been a struggle with them lately. Every night they say they don’t like what I am cooking unless it is pizza or some other equally unhealthy food. Some nights I have to tell Sam to sit down a million times so that he will actually eat. He has gone to bed many nights with out eating because he will refuse to eat what is on his plate. A couple of nights ago, I was telling him to sit down for the 100th time and his hand slipped and knocked his whole plate of food on the ground. It was actually kind of funny and the kids lost it.

7-25-13 033

Reese ran from the table to the family room and fell on the floor laughing. Sam quickly followed suit and they were having the biggest belly laughs.

7-25-13 034

It was all pretty funny! That is until he did the same thing the next night. Then I almost lost it.

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