Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eight Months Old

Yesterday Hayes was eight months old. I haven’t done his monthly photo shoot yet so these pictures will have to do from the last few days.

7-1-13 004

At eight months old:

*He is full on crawling. For a while he would crawl a few “steps” and then drop to his belly to army crawl as fast as he could. Now, as long as he is on the carpet, he will crawl on all fours. The second he hits the hardwood he starts army crawling or will stand like he is going to bear crawl.

*He has pulled him self up to standing a couple of times.

7-1-13 040

*He “gets mad” just like Reese did.

*He still has three teeth but the other three on top are right at the cusp of coming in.

7-1-13 058

*I have finally figured his sleep out. I just have to let him cry himself to sleep. He usually only cries about three minutes and then he is quiet. Last night we even made it through the whole night without getting up with him...eleven hours!! That was the first time he has gone that long with out eating. I have been afraid to let him cry at night because I was afraid he would wake the other two up. I decided that since it is summer time I am just going to let him do that if we have to…so far he has not awaken them at night. So like I suspected, I was the cause of the problem. As long as I don’t go in to his room he will go back to sleep on his own.

*He can’t wait to be just like Reese and Sam.

7-1-13 060

*He is going to be the cause of my first heart attack!!

*He weighed 20 pounds, one ounce at the doctor the other day.

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