Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sam, the Power Ranger

Sam is still a Power Ranger all day, every day. Every morning he gets up and puts his costume on. Every time we go to Target he begs to go to the toy aisle to see the new Power Ranger toys. There is one specific toy he wants to see and he calls it the “morphin toy”. While we were at Target this weekend spending Reese’s birthday gift card, Lance and Sam were looking at this toy. Lance told Sam that he could buy the toy and Sam could not contain himself. He was soooo excited. I honestly don’t think he has every been more excited about a toy. He was so grateful and just beside himself with joy. He has not put the toy down. I have to tell him to leave it at home or in the car most days so it doesn’t get lost or broken. He has wanted to take it to church and the pool and was very disappointed when I said no.


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The Randolph Family said...

Haha, I meant to ask you about it this morning, he s showed it to me and was really excited!