Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Creek Adventure

To get to our pool you have to walk across a bridge that goes over a creek. One day we saw a little girl playing down in the sand on the bank of the creek and the kids begged to go down there. We didn’t go that day but told Lance about it. He said that our neighbor told him that there were Copperhead snakes down there.


Last Wednesday we had some friends come over to our pool. Reese and Sam told the boys all about it. Jenny and I decided that we would let them all go play in the creek for a few minutes. I told her the warning about the snakes but we were not too worried. The kids had a blast! They threw rocks in to the creek, walked in the water, and tried to climb some rocks across the creek.


As they were playing a landscaper walked by and said, “Be careful! There are Copperheads down there!” Ugh! What a party pooper! Jenny and I decided that we better not take any chances now that we had been warned twice and told the kids it was time to go back to the pool. They were all so disappointed because they were having the best time. Reese and Sam have asked a million times if we can go back down there. I imagine we will get to play down there again…


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