Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Their Hair

Earlier this month we took Hayes for his first haircut. A month or so ago I had the front of his hair trimmed up a bit but nothing big. This time we went to get it all cleaned up. His hair is crazy! We call it the “Russell Br@nd” hair-do. It is almost exactly like Reese’s hair. The difference between the two is that we could use bows and ponytail holders to tame hers. We wanted to keep the crazy curls for a little bit longer so we just had her do an over all trim. She cut about 1/4” off but you really can’t tell. The only place that it makes a difference is in his face because his hair was covering his eyes before the cut.

I wanted to compare all three kids hair at the same age so here it goes…

Reese – crazy! curly! This was taken in the morning before putting it in a ponytail on top.

photo 6

Sam – his was pretty curly in the back and the back grew way faster than the front. The first time we got his cut I am not sure she even had to cut the front. He had a crazy mullet before his first haircut.

photo 8

And Hayes – check out that huge curl right on top of his head. This is pre-haircut.

photo 7

And here is haircut day before and after…

photo 11

See? Not much difference but it is out of his eyes.

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