Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hayes–16.5 months

I haven’t done a post in a while dedicated to just Hayes in a while and he is changing so much all the time that I thought I would write an update.

Physically he slowed down in his growth. At his 15 month check up he only weighed one pound more than Sam did at the same age. I am hoping I don’t have to buy too many new clothes for him this spring and summer. We have so many from Sam.

Hayes is so funny! He might be our funniest kid yet. I love any kind of physical comedy. And I think Hayes does too. I think it is hilarious to watch the clips on America’s Funniest Home Videos where people are hiding in random places and jump out to scare some one else. It never gets old. Hayes thinks it is so funny when I do that to him. If I hide outside of his room as he walks out and I scare him he will laugh and run back in to his room so we can do it all over again. He will put things over his head and walk around. When it falls off he will laugh. The other day he found some type of black canvas bathroom bag under Lance’s sink. All of a sudden I see him come stumbling out of the bathroom with it covering his face and almost bump in to the wall. When the bag fell off, he giggled, I laughed so hard at him, and he did it again.

He thinks it is hilarious to take my spot on the couch when I get up. He gets the silliest grin and dives in to the place where I was sitting. When I come back and tell him he is in my spot, he giggles and giggles.

He is all boy! As our neighbor called him, “A man’s man!”. He loves the remote. When he sees it in our bedroom, he grabs it, brings it to me, and grunts to climb up on the bed. If the TV is on, he wants the remote in his hand.

photo 10

If we are at any kind of party or gathering, Hayes will always find the men in the room to play with, hug on, entertain, etc. If there is a ball (or anything that looks like a ball) nearby, he will start throwing it to any man who looks his way. A man at church who occasionally works in his room will see him coming down the hallway and says, “There’s that hoss Hayes!”. Lance is definitely his favorite!

He is a rough and tumble little man. He is a bully to his friends. One of his friends has a pacifier. Every time Hayes sees the paci in his friend’s mouth, he pulls it right out. He pushes other kids his age and occasionally hits them. I really think it is him marking his territory because he gets those same kind of treatments from his brother and sister.

3-6-14 006

He loves to explore. I really don’t get much done around the house because I have to keep an eye on him. I remember when the other two were little and people would say things like that and I just didn’t understand. Reese was always (and still is) at my feet. Sam was good to entertain himself but didn’t get in to much else. Hayes! He climbs the stairs, plays in the potty, pulls all the toilet paper off the roll, and is constantly messing up things that I have just cleaned up. There really is no point in cleaning toys up because he just comes and pulls them all back out.

He is a climber. We turn all the chairs over in the kitchen because he will climb up in them and then climb on the table.

2-14-14 004

He loves snacks. He is forever in the pantry pulling out something to eat. I should probably get used to that as he gets older.

Oh he loves to steal his brothers toys. If there is something that Sam really likes and is playing with, Hayes wants it too.

He doesn’t talk much but has plenty of opinions and makes lots of noise. Here are some things he says…I am sure I am missing a few:
-Ah (eye)…while poking my eyes out
-Huh (hug)…while laying his head on my shoulder
-Thank (thank you)
-Da (dog, bird, any animal really)…and knows a dog says woof, woof
-Uh (uh-oh)
-Cheeeee (cheese)…when smiling for the camera
-Bump…while sliding down the stairs on his bottom he says bump, bump for each stair
-Nana (banana or any other snack)

We love this sweet boy!!

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