Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Running

Yesterday Reese’s school had their Fun Run from their Boosterthon fundraiser so my little buddy and I went to cheer them on.

3-28-14 023

We walked up right as they were running through the tunnel. Reese was so pumped up about the run so I wasn’t surprised to see her run out with her classes banner. Well, let me back up. I wasn’t surprised once I realized it was her. Usually I can pick her out of a crowd because of her hair. I just look for a big, curly ponytail and find her easily. Yesterday morning she wanted her hair in a braid so I had a really hard time finding her in the sea of all of the other dark hair, ponytail wearing kids.

3-28-14 016

They did a few cheers to get them all pumped up and then they had the National Anthem played. Reese and one of her classmates got to hold the flag.

3-28-14 025

Finally it was time to start the run.

3-28-14 028

Their first lap they had to march around the track.

3-28-14 029

Once they got their first lap marked off, they were free to run. And run they did!

3-28-14 032

Their cap for sponsor per lap donations was 35 laps. However, once the kids finished the first 35 laps, they kept going. Reese ran 40 laps. The track is 1/16 of a mile so that means she ran about 2.5 miles.

3-28-14 033

“Walk like an Egyptian” lap.

3-28-14 040

This was the 35th lap. She was so proud of herself!

3-28-14 042

“Mom, I ran 35 laps!” And then off she went to do five more social laps. She didn’t necessarily run those last five. They were more chatting with friends, etc. around the track.

3-28-14 045

Reese had a great time and I loved watching her be so excited.


Kiera said...

Wow, great job Reese!!!

Justin and Kristin said...

That's awesome!

Rebecca said...

Way to go, Reese! Looks like I have a new running partner!!

The Randolph Family said...

love this Renee! Such a fun school event!