Friday, March 21, 2014

Come On Spring!

What a tease some of these days have been! There have been several days that it has been just beautiful. One afternoon a week or so ago, I had a horrible headache. I really just wanted to close the blinds, hide under the blankets, and take a good long nap. However, three kids don’t really allow that. Luckily it was a beautiful day. I set up a chair on our bottom driveway, grabbed a cherry coke zero, took some medicine, and let the kids play. And they played for a long time! They rode scooters and bikes, drove the jeep, and kicked the soccer ball. Reese and Hayes even talked to our neighbors dogs who were outside (in their fence of course). Hayes loves dogs! Our neighbors drove up while the kids were by their fence. They took the dogs out because they were taking them on a walk. Sam darted inside faster than I could blink but Reese and Hayes stayed behind to pet one of them. One dog is wild and excited about the kids and the other is calm, old, and pretty much deaf. The old one just walked up to us and stopped so the kids could pet him. The wild dog stayed with his owner because he likes to jump. By the time we went in to make dinner, my headache was pretty much gone and the kids had had a blast playing outside.

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Leah Denmark said...

They are so cute! I love that they are all wearing Keens. Mine and Susan's favorite shoes! Second to Chacos, of course. But cool, none the less.