Friday, April 18, 2014


Last night when I got home from tennis I saw that we had been “Egged” by some sweet friends of ours. Unfortunately the kids were already in bed so they would have to wait until the morning to see.

In the rush of getting Reese out of the door, I forgot about it until we walked out the door to go to the bus. She took a quick peek and didn’t know what to think. Once I got her on the bus, I brought Sam out to see. He thought it was super cool.

4-18-14 003

The note on the door told the kids they had been “egged” and that there were 12 eggs in our yard to find. It also said that one egg was empty to remind us of Jesus’ tomb.

4-18-14 002

Each egg that Sam picked up, he would shake to see if it was empty. It was a fun and special little way to start our Good Friday!

4-18-14 004

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