Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Soccer Weekends

Our weekends have consisted of soccer, church, and tennis lately. For about a month Reese and Sam have been playing soccer through the Y. We are there at 10:30 for Sam’s practice/game and then again at 2:30 for Reese’s warm ups and game. We usually race home in between, eat lunch, let Hayes take a quick nap and then we are back to the fields.

I am coaching Sam’s team again this season. I was a little more nervous about this season than last but it has been just as much fun!

4-14-14 022

One of Sam’s best buddies is on his team again. They are so silly together. And they both have done great this season.

4-14-14 033

It took Sam a little while to get going this season. The first game I had to tell him he had to at least touch the ball with his foot one time. The next game he scored one goal, the next game he score a couple more and this last game he score nine goals. To be fair, the team from this past week was all new kids who had never played before.

4-14-14 075

I was not even keeping up with his goals but each time he scored he would run back to me and tell me how many he had scored.

4-14-14 087

Life as the little brother.

4-14-14 005

Snack time!

4-14-14 114

Reese is playing u8 this season. This means she is one of the youngest on the team.

4-14-14 004

She has a great coach and has learned a good bit. She also seems to be really enjoying it.

4-14-14 131

Even when their team gets killed she says she enjoyed the game. This green team they were playing is full of third graders that have played together for several years. Their coach coaches all four of his kids teams and was a college player. So needless to say, the green team is really good.

4-14-14 142

The last time her team played the green team Reese actually got a goal! That is her only one of the season. We were so excited!!

4-14-14 159

This is what I usually look like during her games. Standing behind our chairs cheering her on. I am sure I am pretty annoying to her but it is fun.

4-14-14 141

As busy as our Saturdays have been, they have been really fun too! It will be nice to have our Saturdays back but I will miss being out on the soccer fields.  It won’t be long and we will be by the pool next!

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