Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break

Our sweet spring break is over. As with breaks past, I try not to waste out days. I like for us to be able to enjoy our time together and it is best to do that outside of being bored in the house. And this week’s weather was AMAZING!

Monday we met some friends at the park over close to our old house. We hadn’t been there in forever and the kids were so excited. We loaded up bikes and scooters and off we went. When we first got there it was a little chilly but by the time we left it was nice and warm.

The kids rode the bikes/scooters around the one mile loop first. About half way around there is a work out station that all of the kids had fun playing on.

photo 1

After our loop it was on to the playground. Hayes had never been to play at this park and he loved it just as much as the big kids did when they were little. That night we played outside after dinner because it was such a beautiful day.

photo 2

Tuesday we decided to brave the zoo. I thought it wouldn’t be too bad since most of the school systems were not out for spring break. I was wrong! There were tons of field trips there. It wasn’t that bad even with all of the kids around.

photo 3

We rode the carousel and the train. This was Hayes’ face on both of them. He is my little dare devil but he had the most scared face on each ride. It was too funny!

photo 4

That evening we had dinner with some friends. It was so fun to have a dinner date in the middle of the week. It made us excited about summer!

photo 5

Wednesday I planned a playdate for Sam’s class. It ended up only being two of Sam’s friends that could come so I decided to have them over to our house. It was perfect…but I didn’t get any pictures. I also invited one of Reese’s friends over so that she had someone to play with and wasn’t bossing around Sam and his buddies. Sam’s best friend from class is Caleb and Sam was so excited he was coming. He stood by the front door waiting with excitement. They played so hard outside for about an hour and then came in and went straight to Sam’s room to play. It was so sweet to see them together.

That evening we met Lance in Atlantic Station for dinner and then he took the kids to see the new Muppets movie. They couldn’t wait!

photo 6

Thursday we decided to lay low. We had some errands to run in the morning and then played outside in the afternoon in between being lazy.

photo 7

Friday was the first bad day of weather for the whole week. We had planned on going bowling one day and once I saw the weather forecast for the week I knew Friday would be the best day! We met some friends there and we surprised the kids with cosmic bowling.

photo 8

They loved it just as much as they did the last time we went.

photo 9

Hayes did so well in the stroller until the last five minutes or so. He enjoyed watching everyone but was finally ready to try it out himself. One day buddy!

photo 11

After bowling we went to lunch together and then had them over for pizza and a movie night! It was such a fun evening. After eating and watching the movie, all of the kids played outside until around 10:00 while the adults got to sit outside and chat.

We had a great spring break! The kids loved staying up late and I loved them sleeping in late. Not long before summer!!

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