Thursday, April 10, 2014


I joined a new tennis team this spring. I took the fall off after we moved and I really missed it. I LOVE my new team! It is a lower level than my old team and much more my speed. I actually feel like I am playing and know what I am doing instead of just hitting the ball and getting beat like in the past. However, my first three matches I lost. All three went to three sets and all had a tie breaker. The matches were a blast though! Every time I came home the kids would ask if I won and I would say no. They would really humble me by telling me how bad I was, that I never win, etc. etc. Ha! So last Sunday before I left they did a “winning dance” for me in hopes that I would win. And I did! In only two sets. It wasn’t a pretty match but I finally have a win. I texted Lance that the “winning dance” worked and when I got home I found this…

4-10-14 025

So sweet!

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