Thursday, April 24, 2014


Last week Reese’s homework from her Target class was to work with a partner to come up with an invention. They came up with the idea in class and then came home to collect items around the house to take back to school. She only has Target on Fridays so she had the whole week to be excited about making this invention. Reese and her partner, Ava, came up with a book eating robot. They both said they love to read and always have books laying around their rooms. The robot was invented to clean up and keep up with their books. Last Friday, Reese walked off the bus carrying this huge robot. I thought it was so cute and creative.

4-21-14 001

It has plastic cups for legs, Kisses for eyes, spoons for arms, and Glow in the Dark necklaces for antennae.

4-21-14 003

Reese was supposed to take this back to school (on the bus) so Ava could have a turn to take it home (on the bus) so I asked Ava’s mom if she would rather us drive it over. She said, “Just send me a picture!”  Winking smile

We were both so proud of our girls and their creativity. I think Reese really enjoys the fun things she gets to do in Target. But just as her teacher said, she does not like the fact that some things are so challenging she just doesn’t know how to do them...shoot, some of the things she does in there are challenging for me. Things have always come pretty easy for her and now she is being challenged in a way she never has before. I am proud of how hard she is working in there though!

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