Friday, May 20, 2016

Gymnastics Awards Day

Sam and Hayes had their gymnastics awards day. The parents get to come out on the floor and watch them do all of the tricks they have learned. The teachers make it a lot of fun. 

Hayes was the only little boy in his pre-gym class and was a little more wild than the girls.

This sweet teacher had some major patience with this group of boys.

Flying high popping bubbles

and diving in to the pit over his stack of blocks.

Sam's class even had a little routine that they each did.

Getting their medals. They were supposed to stand there for parents to get their picture but Hayes was so embarrassed and couldn't get off that podium fast enough.

Sam saluted and smiled but he was too quick for me too.

They had a lot of fun doing gymnastics. I hope we can stick with it a little bit longer because I feel like it is really good for them.

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