Friday, May 6, 2016

That's a wrap

Sam's baseball season wrapped up this week. They went in to the tournament tied for second but lost right away. Since it is double elimination that dropped them in to the loser bracket and they did pretty well during all of those games. They ended up having to play the first place team (who also lost one) and were eliminated from the tournament. It was a fun game to watch though. Hayes is so cute cheering for Sam and giving him pointers.

Lance was an assistant coach again this year. Sam struggled with batting this season. He struck out a lot. We kept trying to work with him and give him some pointers but he always said "I KNOW!" and wouldn't take our advice. Finally before the last game Lance said something to him that clicked. I told him if he would get a good hit we could get ice cream. He got two GREAT hits. So ice cream was in order the next night after dinner!

These boys all played a great game but lost in the end.

Now on to summer ball!

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