Sunday, May 1, 2016

More of April

 We had a lot of fun in April and I couldn't believe when it was over. Every Saturday we had soccer at 9:00 for Hayes and then a soccer game for Reese and a baseball game for Sam. Most of the time we could get to all of them but occasionally there was some overlap.

As I was looking through my pictures from this month, I have a ton of pictures of Hayes sleeping on the couch. Like I have said before, he doesn't take naps anymore which is fine. He must have been growing this month though because he would just fall asleep on the couch and it cracked me up.

One night I was making dinner and these guys decided to play Head Bandz. It was so cute to see them trying to play this with Hayes.

Hayes wanted to carry the basket at the grocery store. It was a quick trip in but no trip is complete with out a free cookie in the bakery.

Hayes got to have several playdates this month. I was folding clothes on my bed and Hayes and Hadley ran in being silly in the mirror.

I surprised Sam at school one day to have lunch with him.

Reese had field day on one day.

And then Hayes got to have another play date later in that same day.

The next day Hayes had a Mother's Day tea at school and he looked so cute.

But before school, we ran to see Sam's class participate in some of their field day activities.

Hayes even got to play musical hoops with them. He thought he was big stuff.

Another mom sent me this picture of Sam after a water game they played.

Hayes and I walked over to his school and I was just going to walk him in. Claire pulled up and asked us to walk Hadley in too. They looked so cute that I had to get their picture.

Finally it was show time. Hayes was so cute singing on stage. He wouldn't look over at me at all. When he would glance quickly, he would make the funniest faces like he was embarrassed.

I LOVED every second of seeing him up there.

After their show, they fed us a sweet lunch. I totally forgot to get pictures during lunch but snapped this selfie as we were leaving.

The next day we went to have lunch with Reese. The kids always ask to get ice cream at school so we made a rule that they can get it on the last Friday of the month. It just so happened that was the day Hayes and I went so he got to get some ice cream too.

Later that day Hayes walks up to me and said, "Look! I'm mommy!", while carrying my phone, keys, and sunglasses. He makes me laugh.

Reese's sweet soccer coach has a ritual that he takes the team for Menchie's after one game each season and they love it.

The boys love this ritual too!

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