Sunday, May 22, 2016

Visiting Old Grandma

At the beginning of April, my Grandma (Old Grandma to the great grandkids) moved from my parents house to an assisted living home. It is a much better situation for her since my parents both still work. It was hard for them to make sure she was safe during the day. Last week they had an Open House for her family to come and visit/tour the facility but Reese had her soccer tournament and we were unable to go. So today we went to visit. Lance and my dad were both out of town so it was an easy decision to spend the day with my mom too. We drove out there as soon as church was over. We picked my mom up from her house and went to see Grandma. Her apartment is the perfect size and set up. She has people who can check on her through out each day, a great dining area, and tons of activities going on each day. 

After visiting for a little while, we headed out to grab lunch and take it to the pool. The water was SO cold but Reese and Sam had a blast. They went down the slide tons of times and played so well together. Hayes went down the slide once and realized the pool was too cold for him. He played in the water for maybe 15 minutes towards the end of the afternoon. I did not get in the water at all. My dad got back in town while we were at the pool and hung out with us there for a little while. After the pool, we went back to my parents house, all the kids took a bath, and we had a delicious dinner. We headed home just in time to put everyone in bed and start our last week of school.

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