Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

I feel so blessed to get to celebrate this day with my kids. We started the morning off at church and then headed to Six Flags for a quick visit. We weren't sure what to expect crowd-wise. It was a little busy but nothing too bad and definitely not as bad as Christmas. The first thing Reese wanted to do was ride the Georgia Cyclone. She had never ridden it before and she loved it. I am not a huge fan because it is so bumpy and jerky but I loved getting to ride with her.

While we waited a short 25 minutes for that ride, Lance took the boys to Toon Town to ride a couple of rides. We walked up as they were getting on this ride. It was Hayes's first time on this particular one and he loved it too. Sam had ridden it before and couldn't wait to ride again. It cracks me up because Sam loves the Mind Bender but loves this slow kid ride just as much.

Next Lance wanted to go ride Goliath but since no one is tall enough to ride with him he went by himself. While he waited for that ride, I took the kids to drive the old cars. Hayes and I rode together so he could drive.

And Reese and Sam rode together and switched drivers half way around.

We still had a few minutes to kill so we rode the hot air balloon ride that swings around in a circle...dizzy mama.

Perfect timing because once we were done there Lance texted that he was done and we met at the Scream Machine. Reese and Lance got in line to ride this ride and I took the boys back to the car because we were heading home. We waited for the other two and then picked them up at the front of the park on our way out.

We got home from Six Flags and I snapped some pictures of my cuties who call me "Mommy"!

 We had friends over to cook out that night and our babies were the only ones we could get to play outside! It was the perfect night to enjoy outside but the other kids wanted to play inside. We ate outside on the patio and really enjoyed our time all together. The daddies did a great job taking care of everything and made it all so special.

Hayes could spend hours outside...especially when he gets to play baseball.

It was the perfect Mother's Day! Thank you Lance and kids for making me a mommy!! 

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