Thursday, March 15, 2007

American Idol

Why is it SOOO horrible this year?? Lance and I have been watching American Idol since day one. We were huge Kelly Clarkson fans in the first season (and actually have two of her CD's). After year one we strayed from watching the "bad" out takes and waited to start watching until Hollywood or at the latest the top 12. Year two I fell victim to Ruben's teddy bear persona and cheered him on to victory. Year three we both HATED the whiny voice of Fanatasia and I cheered for Diana...you have to cheer for the hometown girl no matter how annoying her mom is. Year four we were both huge Carrie Underwood fans (and have a copy of her CD). Year five we liked Taylor but really wanted Katherine to win. This year, however, we are bummed at how BAD everyone is. The only person I liked last night was LaKeisha. She had an amazing voice but unfortunately in today's world I don't think she could sell many CD's based on her looks. But who am I to say that? Aretha Franklin was a very succesful artist and has the same looks at LaKeisha. She is my girl this year and I am cheering her on til the end. She was very humble with the praise the judges gave her and that made me like her even more. I hope every week one of the guys is voted off...they are all terrible! I would be happy to see the top six be all girls. Thank heavens for DVR...we can fast forward through the guys. I hope this season gets better or it might be my last year as an Idol fan.

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