Monday, March 26, 2007


I am cranky today...definitely moody! I found this on one of my websites that I look at every week about pregnancy: "If you're having some wild mood swings, don't fret. They're normal even if they don't feel normal." I don't like feeling this way...even if it is normal. Maybe I am cranky because I am sleepy. I have been having crazy dreams lately. I could also be tired because this weekend was busy (and a little stressful) and I don't feel like I got much rest. We did yard work most of the day Saturday and Sunday. The yard looks much better though. Hopefully our spreading juniper will spread...I do not have much of a green thumb. I also read that the baby should grow about six ounces this week...maybe my body is just pooped! I am so glad we are taking Thursday and Friday off this week. It will give us time to relax and get a few things done around the house that we wouldn't normally have time to do. Then we are off to Nashville for the weekend. I am so excited about going. I have never spent time in Nashville!! Hopefully I can get over being cranky by Friday. Geez...I hope so!!

Today is YOGA DAY...I do love yoga days so hopefully tonights yoga class will pull me out of this funk!!

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