Thursday, March 1, 2007


This thing is the devil...

Before I start on my rant, let me say how much I appreciate my husbands hard work. He keeps our family going by being such a hard worker. We could not live the way we live or do the things we do with out his dedication. And for that I am truly greateful. I hope his co-workers and boss know how dedicated he is to what he does.
With that being said...I dislike his blackberry greatly! I told him so last night. It seems like the world might end if he doesn't check it as soon as it buzzes. Last night we were watching 24 and Scrubs (we had tivoed both) and the entire hour and a half we were watching them he was typing on and reading his blackberry...all with a smug little grin on his face. I still don't know if he was truly talking to his "co-workers" or to his "girlfriend". Either way...I still dislike it greatly!! If only he got paid by the amount of time spent on that thing...we wouldn't have to play the lottery tomorrow night. I used to call it a dorkfinder when he first got one. Now I will think of it as the devil.
Ok...so maybe this isn't fair. It is just how I feel. I really do appreciate the dedication he has for work.

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