Thursday, July 17, 2008

1 year pictures

We had Reese's first birthday pictures made yesterday at Portrait Innovations. There were a ton (a ton) of cute pictures. We spent way too much money but got some great shots. Our house is going to be a shrine to Reese. We had her picture made in two outfits. Next time we will only do one outfit because that made the decisions so much harder. We also went in with out a plan. Next time I will take a list of who all will get pictures so I know how many pictures to buy.

To our Moms, Dads, and Sisters,
Go ahead and clear off an entire wall for the number of pictures you will be getting!

I am not going to share the pictures until after Reese's birthday...so be waiting on Monday!!

Ok...maybe I will share just one...here is one we did not buy! (We got the CD of all of the pictures because of the number of pictures we bought...I told you we bought a lot!)

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Cathy said...

I posted a comment yesterday...but then our service crashed..so here it is again just in case...She is adorable..what a sweet girl standing all by herself :) I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures! Love you all, Aunt Cathy