Sunday, July 6, 2008


We made it...all three of us...all weekend. This past weekend started on Thursday and hasn't slowed down since. My best friend from high school, Adrienne, got married last night. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and perfect day! Since it was a holiday on Friday the rehearsal and dinner was on Thursday night. My sister came over after lunch time to get Reese used to having her here. After Reese went down for a nap, I snuck out of the house to head to the rehearsal. I was very nervous after the other night when she had such a rough night for Lissa. Becca said Reese got up from her nap and had a great rest of the day. She was able to give her a bath and put her to bed with no problems. Lissa came over and hung out some with them too. Lance met me at the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. We had a wonderful time that evening!! And it was much easier knowing that Reese was behaving and not having a hard time. Friday morning I spent some time with Reese before running off to the bridal luncheon. Lance spent the afternoon with Reese while I had some girl time. Then that evening we all went back downtown for a BBQ at Adrienne and Erik's place. It was fun and there were several kids there so Reese got to play with them. She loves watching other kids!! Saturday morning I tried to soak up as much time with Reese as I could because I knew it was going to be a full day before I got to see her again...the longest ever!! While she was napping (again) I snuck out of the house and headed down for the festivities. I got to the hotel around 11 am. I got my hair and make-up done...which was fun...and beautiful. They did a great job on every one...especially Adrienne who looked like a million bucks! Lance arrived around 3:30. He hung out in our hotel room before getting ready to head to the church for the wedding. Reese stayed with Lissa for the afternoon and did much better than last Sunday. Then Becca showed up and spent the rest of the night with them. Reese was perfect for them all night which made our time that much easier to enjoy!! Around 4 or so we started pictures and every thing was on from there. We took pictures outside of the Fox, walked down to the church which was a block or so away, and waited, for what seemed like forever, for the wedding to begin. It was well worth the wait because the wedding was wonderful. The ceremony itself had a great message and the church looked great. After the ceremony and pictures we headed down to the Fox for the reception and loved every minute of it...food, music, dancing, etc. We spent the night at the hotel...our first overnight stay without Reese. I think it was good for her and it was especially good for us. ; ) This morning we had a quick breakfast with everyone and said good bye...we were ready to get home to our sweet baby. We spent all day soaking Reese up and covering her in kisses. She had a rough time going down for her nap because all weekend some one was sneaking off during a nap. She was afraid we were going to do it again. It was a fabulous weekend! And I am so honored to have been a part of the wedding!! I can't believe I have known Adrienne for 18 years now. I am so excited to be a part of this new chapter of her life!

Lance and Reese at the BBQ on the 4th...isn't she so patriotic??

Me and Reese at the BBQ

Adrienne getting her hair done for the wedding

Me and Lance being silly at the reception

Adrienne and me...you can't see my hair but it was fabulous!!

My beautiful bouquet of flowers from the wedding...I brought them home...and one other one...and put them in vases so I could enjoy their beauty a little longer.

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