Sunday, July 13, 2008

A New Me

I have been talking a long time about cutting all of my hair off. I was waiting until after Adrienne's wedding to go big though. So my birthday present from Lance was to go have my hair done. And I did it. I went big!!

Here I am before...I couldn't find a picture of me by myself so this will have to do.

And here I am now!

It is not exactly what I wanted.

I wanted it to be shorter in the back...more stacked.

But this will do for now. Maybe I will go back and have them cut a little more off in the back. It is much cooler and lighter than before. I just got it done yesterday and have not attempted to do it myself yet. So we will see if I still like it after I do it myself!!


Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

Hair cut is cute!!!

laurel said...

Oh, it's very cute. I tried to get something like that and it didn't come out that way at all.

terriblespeller said...

love it!

Cathy said...

I like it...I like it :)