Thursday, July 10, 2008

And we're off...

Today started off like any other day. We played, we ate, we ran some errands, I tried to get Reese to say ma-ma, and I tried to get her to walk. Well, she did it...the walking part. We were sitting on the floor and I stood Reese up, she threw her hands in the air and I backed away. I put my arms out and said, "Walk to ma-ma." And she did!! She walked five steps to me!! I was totally caught off guard and so excited. She walked to me like she has been walking for weeks. Maybe she has...just behind my back. I captured a few steps on camera. I am so proud of Reese. Later in the evening she even stood herself up and walked. How did she get to be such a big girl...all in one day??!!

I bought Reese some fridge magnets today at Wal-Mart. I put them up for her to play with. She immediately knocked them all on the floor and a few under the fridge. One of the magnets fell out of a number, she put it in her mouth, now the magnets are all put away in a drawer for when she is a little older...lesson learned.

Later Reese was playing with ALL of the toys in her toy basket. She apparently sat on something with Velcro which then attached to a toy cow...they all stuck to her diaper so it looked like Reese was "having a cow".

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Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

That is great she is walking!!! She is getting so big!!!
We miss you guys!