Sunday, July 6, 2008

Other stuff

Earlier in the week we had a playdate with Emma from the neighborhood. We usually try to meet at the pool but the last time we went there were a bunch of big kids playing on the steps which is where Reese and Emma want to play. We don't have a baby pool in the neighborhood so that is the best we can do for them. So we decided to try out a blow up pool my mom bought for Reese. The idea of it was cute and fun...the actual set up of it might not have been. But Reese and especially Emma seemed to enjoy it. Reese wanted to crawl outside in the grass more than just sit in the pool.

Reese did not want to put on her bathing suit so since we were in the backyard I didn't care!

Baby bellies are so cute!!

Emma loved the rings...she decided she wanted to get her belly wet.

Reese has been hard headed about eating lately. She only wants to feed herself! The other night I made spaghetti with spiral noodles so that she could pick them up easier. She loved it!! She actually ended up eating spaghetti three or four more times this past weekend. I have got to find other meals for her to eat on her own with only 4 teeth!!

We also found out some of our friends are expecting a baby early next year! We are super excited for them...maybe as much as they are!! Congrats McK's!!

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