Saturday, September 20, 2008

911, What's your emergency?

The last couple of days it has been chilly in the morning so I put this sweet outfit on Reese so she would be warm while it was still chilly. I just love the hoodie and the skirt combo on little girls. It is too cute.

After a busy day, Reese and I headed to the park for an afternoon stroll with Amy and Tucker. I let Reese play on the playground for about 30 minutes before they got there and she loved it. When we got home from the park Lance was home with his nephew, Brody. Reese adores Brody. She got the biggest smile on her face when she saw that he was there. After dinner we went outside to play and she just watched him the whole time. She would just laugh at anything he did.

Brody spent the night with us and then went to the Tech game with Lance. Here they are ready for game day with their jersey's on.

While Lance and Brody were at the game, Reese and I went out to my parents house because their neighborhood was having a community wide garage sale. We got some great deals!! I bought Reese a toddler bed (for later) for only $20. It looked brand new! They were asking $30, I offered him $20, and he took it...thanks Dave Ramsey! My mom bought us a beach tent for $5 and a couch (to go in the living room) for $50. I didn't negotiate the couch because all of their money was going to the breast cancer three day walk. At both of the last two places Reese found a toy that she just had to have and both of the people said since we bought something that she could just have it. She is a great negotiator!! Reese's favorite purchase of the day was this fabulous toy. The last time we were at Mitchell's, Reese could not get enough of this toy. She played and played with it. So while we were garage sale shopping we found it for $5 and couldn't pass it up! As soon as I pulled it out of the car at home she wanted to play with it...even before I could get it scrubed down. I cleaned it while she played.

This beautiful weather we are having is ruining our diet and our budget. We knew we could not stay inside tonight so we went to our favorite (or atleast most frequented) mexican restaurant tonight and sat on the patio to enjoy being outside. It was fabulous!!!

I almost forgot to add the most exciting part of the day!! At 7:30 this morning while I was doing the dishes and Lance and Brody were playing Wii, Reese was playing with our home phone. While she was holding it the phone rang so she took it to Lance but he didn't answer it. Lance just assumed the phone malfunctioned because Reese was playing with it. We just replaced our phone because it has been broken forever so no one ever calls our house. I told him he should have answered it because since she had been playing with it, Reese could have accidentally called 911 and they were calling back to make sure everything was ok. After finishing the dishes I headed up stairs to get ready to leave. About ten minutes later there was a knock at the door...the police! I knew she had called 911 and since we didn't answer their call they had to send someone out to make sure everything was ok. We apologized to the officer who was as nice as could be! What a way to start the day!

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Cathy said...

Did her cousin Celeste teach her how to call 911...If I remember correctly she was pretty good at that too:):):)