Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Since Thursday...

Since Thursday...we have been busy!!

Friday we were able to go to the pool and spend some time with some new friends. All of the mom's are yoga moms but did not take the same prenatal yoga class as I did. They were all about six plus months behind. My friend Amy who had a little boy in March met all of these moms in yoga and now has started hanging out and meeting with them about once a week...and has included me! So nice and I love spending time with other moms. So Friday they all came over to our pool since I think it is one of the only ones still open. Reese and I hung out there for almost three hours...in the shade of course...and visited. Once we got home Reese's nose was running so much and then she took a two hour nap. She ended up having caught a cold from Daddy and was sick all weekend. But she was a trooper with a yucky nose!!

Poor sick baby eyes!!

Saturday afternoon Reese and Daddy cheered on Tech. Then we headed to the pool again for a neighborhood pool party. Reese still had a runny nose but enjoyed running around the pool...literally. We got to visit with our neighborhood friends Emma, Jenny and Doug for a little while too. We don't get to see them much anymore because Jenny is a teacher so she is back in school now! We miss them!

Sunday Lance stayed home with Reese from church so we didn't infect any other kids with her yucky nose. Then I took Reese to the pool again that afternoon to kill some time and wear her out for Lissa. We finally finished our Dave Ramsay class. We really enjoyed it but are glad it is over!! We are now FPU graduates. Woohoo!

Yesterday we were still trying to dry up Reese's cold...and I think we are finally over it. Now if I can just keep it away! I took some medicine this morning. Stay away cold!!

Last night Reese was playing in between the ottoman and the chair and got tripped up. She ended up like this in the diaper basket I keep on the side of the chair. We were cracking up so she thought it was pretty funny and started laughing too. She is such a mess!

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