Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday, already?

This week doesn't seem like it has gone by fast but it is already Thursday night so I suppose it has! This week has been fairly busy but fairly unproductive. I feel like I did so much last week when Lance was gone that this week I have been kind of slack in doing things around the house. Toys and books are everywhere!

Yesterday Reese and I went to the library for story time for the first time. We were walking in to the room and Reese freaked out! She must have thought I was leaving her there. When we walked in there was a lady sitting on the floor with music playing and couple of other moms and babies in the room. She started screaming and would not let me put her down. We sat down and I tried to keep reassuring her that I was not leaving. She eventually relaxed and by the end she was the lone dancer on the mat and chasing bubbles...not really caring where I was. I really enjoyed story time and can't wait to continue doing this at the library. I think it will be very beneficial for both of us.

Today Lance and I both had physicals so Lance took the day off. We each had our physical in the morning. Then we went down to my dad's office to be adjusted and had lunch with him and my grandparents. Tonight we started in our first community group. A community group is similar to Sunday school but you do it on your own time. There are six other couples in our group. Lance and I both really enjoyed getting to know the other couples and I think this will be a great oppurtunity for us. Reese stayed with the daughter of one of the other couples in the group. I dropped her off at their house and while she was playing with the girls I left. She did fine for the first hour and then cried for an hour and a half after that!! Grrr. I don't know what to do to help her relax while I am away. Hopefully she will not do this for the next 18 months...hopefully!!

Tomorrow we are going to enjoy the last few days of summer at the pool! Yeah!

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