Monday, October 13, 2008

Adventures in Reese

Trying to escape down the stairs

Starfish baby

Saturday we got to watch our neighbor, Emma, while her parents went on a date. At first Reese was excited to have her there but as more and more attention was divided Reese did not like that. She wanted all of Mommy's attention to herself. Here she is reading a book to Emma. On this page it just happens to say, "God loves me...When I am happy and when I am sad." Haha...she must have been trying to tell me something.

There is some attitude in those eyes...I think they are saying, "Really?"

She has finally had enough and she is ready for Emma to go home. A few minutes before this Emma bumped her head on the coffee table and was crying. Reese decided that at that moment it was a good idea to cry even louder because I was trying to comfort Emma. What a mess Reese is!!

A new friend, Elmo!

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