Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gold Medal

At Lance's company picnic on Saturday there was a DJ playing music. Kids were dancing and having fun. He played the Cha-Cha slide so I took Reese out on the "dance floor" and we danced with all of the kids. Here is a picture one of Lance's co-worker's, Laurel, took of us "getting low".

After the dancing, the DJ gave out two gold medals for fabulous dancing (LOL). Reese won one of the medals. She wore it most of the day while we were at the park (see us in the bouncy house in the previous post). Then Sunday she saw it and wanted to wear it...so she wore it while Mitchell was here playing. And then today she found it again and wanted to wear it. She wore it all day! Here is a picture of her wearing her prized medal. She also found one of my headbands and wanted to wear it as well...that is the white thing around her neck. She is such a mess.

She is so girly...and I love it. When she gets new clothes we try them on when we get home. Once we put them on she does not want to take them off. My mom bought her a winter hat the other day so we tried it on her. She did not want to take it off..and it was too small. Who would have though a 12-24 month hat would be too small for my big headed baby? Well it was but she wanted to play in it. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it on her head.
Today my Hanna Anderson catalog came in. I was looking through it and Reese decided she needed to see it. She sat there and pointed to the clothes...I guess she was picking out the ones she wanted. It reminded me of my best friend from high school, Adrienne. She would get clothes catalogs in the mail and then go through them and circle everything she wanted so that her mom would know what to buy her for Christmas (or any time really).

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jennkate said...

Hi Renee! I love your back drop! It looks really good. Reese is such a charmer! so cute.