Monday, October 6, 2008

Recap and Catch up

Last Thursday I went to a new dentist after my horrible experience at the other one a couple of weeks ago. I REALLY liked this dentist (as much as you can like one). I felt comfortable there, I had a TV to distract me, it was warm with carpet on the floors, everybody was nice...the whole nine yards. After my dentist appointment, I went to get my haircut. While I was out doing all of this exciting stuff Lance was home with Reese. They got to spend some father/daughter time together at the park and at home.

Friday we had some mommies and babies over to visit. I took Reese's old activity mat out for the babies but she has played with it since the second I took it out. It has been dragged around the house more times than I can count. Isn't it funny she has all of these fabulous toys that are age appropriate but she wants to play with this baby toy?

Saturday we went to Stone Mountain for Lance's company picnic. Reese got to play in the bouncy house. It was too funny. She wasn't sure what to do in there. She had a hard time standing up but really enjoyed it and wanted to get back in once we were out.

After the picnic my dad and Becca met us in the park and we went to the Pumpkin Festival, let Reese run down the hill on the main lawn, and then rode the train.

She hadn't taken a nap all day so by the time we got on the train she was pooped out.

Then Saturday night we met Lance's parents for dinner. Sunday was business as usual in the morning and then Mitchell and Nicole came to play in the afternoon. It was fun to see them "play" together. Each time we get together they interact more which is so neat. I took some pictures but with my mom's camera so I don't have them loaded right now...maybe I can share those later.

Finally today I had another dentist appointment to have some work done. My friend, Amy, graciously watched Reese for me. Since Reese was awake for over an hour last night during the middle of the night and only took one nap a day on Saturday and Sunday, she took over a two hour nap for Amy! I am so glad that she was able to fall asleep at Amy's house. For the rest of the day she would mention Tucker (Tuck-tuck) and Amy (me-me). I think she had a great time over there!

Here is Reese running down the hill on the lawn at Stone Mountain:

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