Thursday, October 16, 2008

Computer Girl and Sassy Girl

Almost daily I walk around the corner and see my little computer girl like this...

And then receive this look of "don't tell me no".

I am making a bold prediction (Clark Howard's words) that this little sassy girl is going to put the terrible in terrible two's. She already pitches a fit if she doesn't get her way. Yesterday while we were out shopping with my mom I let her play with the toys for a few minutes before we were going to check out. When I was putting her in her stroller she started screaming...causing everyone to look at her to make sure I wasn't abusing her. I know this is her way of communicating right now...she doesn't have words to express her feelings. So before the terrible two's come I am going to make a point to help her understand her feelings. When she is mad I will tell her that "I understand you are mad" so that she can associate that with her feeling and hopefully learn how to use her words instead of pitching a fit. I truly think this is going be beneficial to her. She already knows that when she is tired and being cranky that I say she needs to take a nap. Now if she is pitching a fit for no reason she will look at me and say "map?". She also furrowed her brow and said "map" when we were in the store the other day and she could here a little guy pitching a fit. Hopefully she will be able to communicate a little better by next summer and it won't be so terrible.

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