Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to work

This past week we have had a "staycation". Lance took all of last week off and today. It has been great (minus Reese's stomach bug) but I think we are all ready to get back to our routine. We were very productive while being lazy. Several things got accomplished but cleaning the house did not. On Friday, Lance replaced our kitchen sink...and I am in love!! I HATED our old sink. It was white want-to-be ceramic...which was probably actually fiberglass. It never looked clean even after cleaning it. It grossed me out.


So we went to Lowe's and bought a new sink and faucet...and we are SO pleased!!


Friday night I took Lance to dinner for his birthday. I surprised him with several of his friends being there. I think he knew something was up but he didn't know who would be there. I was glad he got to celebrate with them.

Saturday was actually Lance's 30th birthday! He went to the UGA v. GT game with one of my friend's husband who is a UGA fan. They had a great time and Lance was super excited to get a win on his birthday. Tech has not beaten Georgia since Lance and I have been together. Reese and I spent the day at my parents house. We did a little Christmas shopping, cheered on the Jackets in her white and "gold" dress, and enjoyed some quality time with Gigi and Granddaddy. We also got to see Bek-Bek's new apartment. We loved it and are so excited for her!!

When we got home Saturday evening we gave Lance his birthday present...a new bicycle and helmet. I bought it on Friday while he was working on the sink and then hid it in our locked powder room downstairs so that he wouldn't know what we got him. We had to go back to the bike shop today to exchange it because I bought him a size too big...oops. Now we are having to wait on the new one to come in because it had to be ordered.

When we were at my parents house my mom pulled out my old piano from when I was little. My grandparents, Moka and Papa, gave it to me for Christmas in 1982!!! Reese loved banging on it so we brought it home and she has since had so much fun with it.

Today we got most of our Christmas decorations up. We still have a little to do but for the most part it is done. Reese isn't sure what to think of everything. Here is a picture Lance took of me and Reese in front of the mostly decorated tree.

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