Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cute as a button

No, this post is not about Reese. Today I hosted a baby shower and the theme was "Cute as a Button". Several little things had buttons involved with them but definitely not over done.

The first thing that started the theme was the invitations.

I made a "Daddy Diaper Duty Toolbet" for the Daddy to be. It had diapers, wipes, burp clothes (with buttons on them), and several other must-haves for baby. The ribbons below tuck back in to the pockets and I sewed them on with buttons.

The favors didn't really have any buttons but I love how they turned out. They are jars of m&ms with flowers on top.

I made a diaper cake as my gift. It has buttons on the ribbon.

I also decorated a photo album with buttons for the big sister to be.

And here is Reese enjoying her time before the shower.

I think the shower went well and they got some great baby gifts!! We can't wait until the baby gets here!!


terriblespeller said...

What an adorable theme. Who are the parents expecting. Is that Matt????

laurel said...

Love all the buttons. Everything turned out really cute.