Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Already?

This months lesson for the elementary school kids at church is generosity. One day part of the lesson was about cleaning out your old things you don't use anymore, such as toys, and giving them to other people who would use them. Well today we went to have lunch with some friends from church. This is our Wednesday night babysitter's family. They have an almost 18 year old, nine year old, and seven year old. The nine and seven year old cleaned out a bunch of their toys that had not been used in a while, put them all in a HUGE bag, and gave them to Reese. She was so excited to get all of these new toys.

She got more "My Little Pony's" than I have ever seen. The girls must have loved these. I swear there was a trail of them around the house 10 minutes after we got home. She also got a fun little barn with farm animals, stables for the ponies, a purple Noah's Ark and animals, several purses/bags, bows, and a couple dolls.

Here she is putting her rings in one of the stables...what, that is not what goes in there?

Daddy got roped in to playing with the girly toys. Get used to it Daddy...this won't be the last time!!

Thanks, girls, for all of the fun toys and your generosity!!

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laurel said...

I look forward to seeing Lance playing with more little girl toys. Got any dolls you can catch him with? ;-)