Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family Time

This week Lance will be home with us. We REALLY wanted to do a quick vacation but I couldn't find anything that I felt was a good last minute deal...darn you Dave!! So, we decided to stay home and do all things Atlanta. Well, that hasn't worked out exactly as planned! We wanted to go to Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain. First problem, it costs a lot of money!! More than we were willing to pay. Second problem, Reese is not tall enough to ride on the tubes and they do not allow tandem riding. So we decided we didn't want to pay all of that money just so Reese could play in the "snow". Next we decided to go to the circus. It has a 12:30 show tomorrow. Since I waited so late to check for tickets there are only $100 tickets left. No thanks! I don't even know if Reese would behave long enough for the $14 tickets. Next we thought about the zoo. The weather has been so beautiful these past few weeks...but when I checked it for this coming week it is either rainy or going to be cold everyday!! So back to square one. We have a few ideas of some other things we want to do this week. Hopefully they will work out!! We can't wait to have some fun family time with Daddy!!

Here are a couple of pictures of this past week...

The wrath of Reese...now that I look at the pictures it doesn't look as messy as it felt. Maybe that is because EVERY room downstairs looked this way so it was making me crazy.

My big girl eating cereal with milk out of a bowl with a spoon...when did she get so big??


Cathy said...

Hmmmmmm....do we have any family in Florida that we can go visit??? :)

Leah said...

Bek Bek is going to be so proud that she is using her left hand!