Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Days Already?

We have had two fun days with Daddy so far! Well, actually yesterday wasn't really with Daddy. Yesterday Reese and I met our friends Mitchell and Nicole at our favorite little indoor playground while Daddy went out and rode his bike. The kids had such a fun time! They played together some of the time and explored everything. Reese was very adventurous. She was climbing up the stairs and sliding down the slides all by herself. She would do it over and over and was so proud of herself. Both of the kids loved the inflatable house. They would climb in and fly down the slide...and I mean fly...their little bottoms barely touched the slide. It was so much fun to watch! They would just giggle and squeal with delight. After playing we went and had lunch with them at Chick-fil-A. Our CFA close by has a great play area that Reese can climb up in to. They both had fun playing there too. We really enjoyed our time with them and hope to do it again soon!!

Today we headed downtown to do Atlanta things. We went to the Imagine It! Children's Museum first thing this morning. We thought we would be some of the only ones there but we were wrong! We got there as the doors opened and shortly after that a busload of pre-k kids came in. Honestly, I felt like Reese was a little too young to really get a whole lot out of the museum. Maybe if there hadn't been so many other kids there she could have enjoyed more of it without having to move along quickly to let another kids use what she was using. I think her favorite thing was the show they had. She just watched with amazement at the actors singing and telling the story.

She also enjoyed all of the play areas. I could have just taken her to the park and she would have loved it just the same. Here she is in the playhouse about the head down the slide.

There was an area where she could put on tap shoes and a costume. She LOVED the way the taps sounded when she stomped her feet. However, this is one of the areas that was way too small when other little kids came running up to play there. We didn't get to play here as long as I think she would have liked.

One of her other favorites was playing in the water. They had a little pond where they could "go fishing". They also had rain jackets that you could borrow so you didn't get your clothes soaking wet!! I loved this little jacket...it looked like a Mermaid!! So cute!!

After the Children's Museum we walked over to the Aquarium. We weren't sure how Reese would do in there but she did great and I think she really liked it!! At first she was scared of being close to the glass. I guess she didn't realize there was glass there and thought the fish could get her. Here she is looking at the alligators. Too bad you can't see her face because it was scared and saying "no". She did not want to be close to these scary guys. I was trying to tell her that she can't touch them and they can't touch her...but she didn't understand.

Her favorite exhibit at the Aquarium was the Beluga Whales...but whose isn't?? She loved seeing them go up and down...she kept saying "up and down" over and over. She would run up to the glass and then run back to us. When we went through the Whale Shark tunnel she kept saying "more fish". I think she said that the rest of the time we were there...she wanted to see "more fish"...and there were plenty to see.

Here is Daddy and Reese after seeing the Beluga Whales. Reese was not interested in posing for ANY pictures today.

On our way back to the car we decided to let Reese play in the coolest park ever. This time she loved the rolling slide...but she would only do it on her belly. Maybe she remembered how jarring it was.

Thanks Daddy for a fun day and for taking all of the pictures!! We love you!!

We can't wait for more fun tomorrow!!

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