Friday, February 6, 2009


I know, I know...I have been so horrible about updating lately. It's not that we have been boring around here, it's just that I have not been motivated to get on here and update.

Today we had gymnastics. We are both still loving it. I think Reese's favorite part is to watch all of the other kids and get stamps but she still does her thing too. When I tell her we are going to gymnastics she immediately says "play" and "stamp". She knows she is going to play and have fun and that she is going to get stamps on her hands and feet. She still isn't getting the swing of hanging on the bars but Miss Jennifer didn't seem too worried about that. She said she would figure it out eventually. After we finished gymnastics, we went to lunch with a little girl in her class and her mom (the one that sent me the pictures). We played at McDonald's for over an hour and the girls had fun. I had a wonderful time talking with her mom...they seem to be a GREAT family. Reese and I both enjoyed our playtime and can't wait to do it again!!

We have a super busy weekend planned. I am hoping since it is going to be SOOOO nice this weekend that we can squeeze in some time at the park. It looks like it is going to be nice in to the early part of next week too. I can't wait for spring to get here!!!!!

Here are some pictures of Reese. This one I had to take because she looked so grown up. The face cracks me up. I think she is saying, "Are you really taking my picture AGAIN?" I imagine I will get this look a lot as she is growing up!!

Finally she broke down and gave me a smile but only with the promise of seeing the "baby" on the screen afterwards. She is such a mess.

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Anonymous said...

So...what is Reese saying after she makes her "face" at you?