Friday, February 13, 2009

A Slice of CHEESE with that, please!!

Reese loves stickers. She would play with them all of the time and stick them on anything if I let her. She first found this love at Kroger. I hate shopping at our Kroger because it is gross but when gas was so expensive I shopped there to save us money on gas!! The baggers would always give Reese a sticker that said, "I've been Krogering". She would take it off and put it on over and over. Wednesday Reese was playing with her Disney stickers. She decided to put them on her head. She is so silly! Later that morning we were going to the library so I told her she needed to take the stickers off her head. She did not want to so I didn't bother them for the ride to the library. I contemplated just letting her leave them on for storytime but I didn't. She was SO mad at me when I took them off her head! Doesn't she look so pleased with herself in this pictures? Maybe next time I will just let her leave them on.

We have been LOVING this nice warm weather!! The other day we walked up to the playground in the neighborhood. Doesn't she look prepared for anything? Snacks...check. Drink...check. Wild hair...check!!

Our new cheesy grin!! It is so silly and funny. It makes me laugh every time she does it.

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