Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Gosh!

Today has been the day of "Oh Gosh"!

This morning a friend of mine was going to watch Reese while I went to the doctor but her little man has been throwing up all weekend. She was gracious enough to still offer to keep Reese but I definitely did not want to put her in that position to have to take care of him and Reese. Having already been through the stomach bug thing I didn't want there to be a chance of Reese to get it again either!! So I loaded Reese up and took her with me.

I had a cute video to post here of Reese saying, "Oh Gosh!" But blogger is being a pain in the butt...I will post it later...Oh gosh!

After Reese's nap we went to the park to meet some friends and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. We got a LOT of walking in before the babies started getting restless. Then we headed to the playground to play. While on the playground we ran in to a girl we met at storytime. She chatted with us for a little while and then had to leave. We all decided it was time to leave so we were packing the kids up and of course couldn't stop talking. A few minutes later the friend from storytime comes running over for help because her daughter had the keys to the car, inside the car, and locked the doors. Some one was smart enough to say call 911...I didn't know to call them in this type of situation. A firetruck was there within minutes and got the car unlocked. Luckily it was a nice day...not too hot or cold. The baby didn't seem to even know what had just happened. It was definitely a lesson learned for all of us mommies. How many times do we let our kids play with the keys while putting them in the car?

On a non-oh gosh note, remember the "Cute as a Button" baby shower I hosted in December? Well, they had their baby today!! Her name is Jocelyn Reece! We have known them for over seven years now. From the time I met them I have been told they were only having one child. Their oldest will be seven next month...and they just had number 2. Shortly after Reese was born they decided they had to have another baby...and Reese was their inspiration. Congrats guys!!

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