Thursday, April 1, 2010

School Easter Egg Hunt

Today Reese had her first Easter egg hunt of the week. I surprised her at school right before the egg hunt and she was so glad to see Sam and me. They were out on the playground when we got there and she had to do a double-take to realize it was me.

4-1-10 031

The little girl in blue is Reese’s friend Ava. She was so cute and loved on Sam like he was her own little brother. When they were playing out on the playground she would call Reese “Reese-y”. That is so funny because that is what we call her at home. At one point I heard Reese say to Ava, “I am the light fairy” and then told Ava which fairy she was going to be. Then they both “flew” off like little fairies from Tinkerbell.

4-1-10 034

4-1-10 038

The kids were all pretty calm finding eggs. There was only one little boy who was out to gather them all and it was because he goes to school for the whole week and he got to participate in an egg hunt yesterday (and he is also the youngest of four boys). The rest of the kids just took it all in and slowly put eggs in their baskets.

After their egg hunt they had a little “party”. Really a party just consists of special treats instead of the usual snack.

4-1-10 039

Once snack/party time was over their Spanish teacher came in so I stuck around to watch them. It was so amazing to hear all of these little two/three year olds speak Spanish.

4-1-10 042

There was another class outside doing an egg hunt and they all wanted to watch.

4-1-10 048

Reese couldn’t wait to get home to see what kind of goodies she found.

4-1-10 049

I think she made out pretty well…and it looks like she has already been sneaking some of the candy!

4-1-10 050

Sam and I had a great time visiting in Reese’s class today. It was so great to see what she does each school day. I am so glad she has such a wonderful experience and such great teachers!!

Side note about my chatty two year old: Ms. Sharon did tell me that Reese was singing “Single Ladies” and “Big Green Tractor” on Tuesday. She didn’t mention “Apple Bottom Jeans” but maybe that is because she didn’t want me to be embarrassed! ;-)

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Justin and Kristin said...

So cute! I can't wait to see you Tuesday! I am going to have chalk for the girls to play with. Yeah! Reese is so stinkin' cute, Renee!