Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Living Life

Some days I don’t have anything to say or any pictures to show because we are just living life.  Reese goes to school, Sam naps, I clean, we meet our friends at the park, we walk through the neighborhood, the kids play, etc, etc.  I snap a few pictures here and there but nothing too exciting.  But this is our life and here are a few pictures I have snapped recently. 

Reese made a “picnic”…flower in a vase included.

9-16-10 001 

Sam enjoyed it.

9-16-10 003 

Sam has been feeding himself table food more and more recently.  He loves to feed himself.  If we are eating something and he is not, he gets mad.

9-16-10 009 

9-16-10 017 

I’m ready for work!

9-16-10 019 

Reese has been making messes (notice her shirt) and then loves to help sweep. 

9-16-10 020

See, nothing too terribly exciting but so thankful for the cute kids to spend the day with.