Friday, September 3, 2010

The Sad Truth

Reese’s teacher asked us to send in a family picture for next week because they are talking about families.  I started looking through my files to find one to print.  As I looked, I had THE hardest time finding a picture of all four of us.  The last time we took a family picture was when we were at the beach in JUNE!

6-26-10 037

And it is not even a good picture!

So I kept going backwards in my files. The most recent family picture I could find was from when we went to Disney…in FEBRUARY!!


Again, horrible picture and Sam could be there or we could just be pretending!!

The next picture I could find was from December and we took it ourselves!


All of our pictures are of the kids or with one of us and the kids.

Seriously!  I am so very sad about this.

So, family and friends, if you are around the four of us and we have our camera will you please offer to take our picture so we can prove to our kids that we were all together most of the time?  Thank you!

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Jenny & Lance said...

oh my gosh, we just realized the same thing!! Harrison's teacher asked us to bring one in for the 1st day of school so they would have something familiar in the classroom...the only one I could find was from Christmas last year...and Davis wasn't even in it!!! I told Lance, anywhere we go when all 4 of us are together, we HAVE to take pictures! ha ha, glad I'm not the only one!