Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a Day!

Today we went to Blue Ridge to visit some friends who were up there for the holiday weekend.  It was a beautiful day and we took advantage of it.

We arrived a little before they got back from their morning hike so we explored the area around the river.

9-5-10 003

9-5-10 004

9-5-10 007

9-5-10 008

9-5-10 011

9-5-10 013

After they got back, lunch was started.  Reese helped Maddie season the eggplant.  She loves to help cook!

9-5-10 015

While the chicken was grilling the girls hung out.  How cute are they all just sitting on this step?

9-5-10 023

Reese loves eating watermelon!!  She wanted to take her shirt off to keep it dry.

9-5-10 024

After lunch the plan was to raft down the river.  It was a slow moving river but I was a little timid to take the kids.  We made the decision to do it anyways hoping it would be fun for everyone.  To say the least, we made a bad decision.  Sam would have been fine because he was falling asleep.  Reese, however, hated every single minute!!  It was so stressful!  We obviously have no pictures from this long hour of our life!

After that we went back to the cabin, built a bonfire, and made smores.  This was a first for Reese. 

9-5-10 027

And she thought they were so yummy!

9-5-10 030

9-5-10 032

And we got our family picture today!!  Hooray for us!

9-5-10 034

Here are our sweet friends!  Thanks for sharing a fun day with us.

9-5-10 036

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