Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spray Park

We went to the spray park again with some friends earlier this week.  And it was a hit once again.

9-4-10 003

9-4-10 004 

The kids had fun together.  Even though it has only been two months since we were there last it was so funny to watch Sam check it out again.

9-4-10 008 

Too cool!

9-4-10 009

The girls had fun playing together.  It is fun to watch them pick back up right where they left off!

9-4-10 020

And Baby Caroline was soooo interested in Sam.  She is so cute!

9-4-10 023

I had a great time visiting with their sweet mommy, too. I love spending time with them!  It is so crazy to me that the girls have now known each other more of their life than not.  We met “Kay-Kay” and her mommy when we started gymnastics.  It was both girls first day and they were about 17.5 months old.  They were so small and sooooo cute!  And now they are both big sisters. Time flies when you’re having fun!

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Monogramchick said...

They are too cute, I soo wish our town had a waterpark of some sort... Cute kids you have!!