Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Much Needed Day

We had a last minute trip to the Aquarium today.  We picked Reese up a little early from school to head down.  Sam was so excited to see Reese!

2-1-11 264

2-1-11 319

I snapped a couple of pictures with the camera and then the battery died so I had to take the rest of the pictures with my phone.

2-1-11 266

I tried hard to just be in the moment and not take too many pictures though.  The Beluga Whales are just so hard to watch and not take pictures of…they are beautiful and so graceful.

2-1-11 268

The penguin exhibit was open and it was pretty nice.

2-1-11 272

Each time we walked in to an exhibit Sam would start pointing and getting so excited.

2-1-11 274

He really enjoyed the tunnel.

2-1-11 275

Reese had a blast all day.  She was SO good today.  She stayed with me, she followed all directions, and was just overall so sweet. I was so proud of her.

2-1-11 279

2-1-11 284

Sam went all day with out a nap (until the car ride home) and he was the perfect little angel too.

2-1-11 285

My camera just doesn’t do this exhibit any justice.  It is so bright and colorful.  The kids love it.

2-1-11 286

When we were in the room where you could see the whale sharks I let Sam out of the stroller.  For a while he just sat with us and snuggled up to Reese.  They have been so sweet together.

2-1-11 289

2-1-11 292

Sam loved walking up to the glass and banging on it.  He would squeal as the fish went by.

2-1-11 297

Today was such a wonderful day with both kids.  It was a day I needed and didn’t even know that I needed.  Thank you, Kristin, for setting this up for us.

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Carrie Beth said...

I've been wanting to take the kids to the aquarium and plan to add this to my to-do list really soon!