Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sam~15 months

Our little man turned 15 months old yesterday and today he had his check up.  He did great and is still small!!  Lance blames it on my family genes.  Lance is 6’2” and most of his family is tall too.  My dad is 5’10” and his brother is 5’8” (on a good day).  So we very easily could have a daughter who is taller than our son.  Ha!

photo (1) 

Sam is 30.5” (32%), 23.4 lbs (32%), and his head circumference is 18.5” (45%).  He hasn’t grown much since his 12 months visit but seems to be staying on the same curve so that is good. 

One thing that we are struggling with are his ears.  He has had ear infections (both ears) going on three months now.  We went through three round of antibiotics and then three weeks ago we did all three rounds of the antibiotic shot.  Nothing has helped so we scheduled an appointment with an ENT for Monday.  Today when the doctor looked in his ears he said they do not look good.  It wasn’t what he said but the way he looked when he said it that scared me.  He said we could do the shots again but I just couldn’t bring myself to do that to Sam again.  They are so painful.  When I said I didn’t know if I could do that again he said he wouldn’t do it right now if he was making the decision.  He knows how painful they are.  I even cried the last round with him so I knew I couldn’t handle it again (like its about me).  We have started another round of antibiotics instead that is as close as you can get to the shots.  I am not surprised that his ears are so bad because he is not sleeping well.  He is a trooper though.  When Reese had a double ear infection (the only one she has ever had), she woke up screaming with a really high fever.  He just whimpers until I come in to get him, rock him, and he falls back asleep in my arms or I lay him down and he is right back to sleep.  He is amazing!

He LOVES bubbles.  We were bad parents and didn’t do bubbles with him until recently.  He gets this huge excited face every time we start playing with them.

2-10-11 002

He also loves his sweets.  I went to the grocery store the other day and this huge bag of M&M’s was on sale.  We have popcorn and M&M’s every Friday while watching a movie so I figured I would stock up.  While I was unloading the groceries he spotted this bag on the floor and immediately dove for it.  He then carried it around  for a long time. 

2-10-11 004

He is very much so a boy.  He loves to play rough, climb on things, make all kinds of noises, and loves to make us laugh.  If we laugh at something he does, he will do it over and over again.

2-10-11 014

Reese seems to tolerate him when he is being crazy but will constantly give us a play by play. 

2-10-11 012

Sam is always interested in what Reese is doing and what she has…and then he has to have it.

2-10-11 007

While waiting on his prescription at Publix today I got him a cookie from the bakery.  He was in heaven until he dropped half of it on the floor.

photo (2)

Sam is, surprisingly (because of all of his ear problems), becoming very vocal. 

He says:
*Ba (ball)
*Cah (cup)
*Ah-ah (hot, hot)…when he touches the oven, warm food and then he blows on his food to cool it off
*Eh-o (Hello)…when he picks up my phone and puts it to his ear

He signs:
*all done
*thank you (occasionally)

He barks when you ask him what a dog says and when he wants to go outside.  He also barks for any other animal…silly!

When it is bed time we all go to Reese’s room, read two books, do a devotional, say our prayers, and then say good night and give kisses.  One of the sweetest things he has recently started doing is when we start wrapping things up and start saying good night, he comes over to each person, puckers up his lips, and gives kisses.  He will go to each person and then start on another round.  It is so sweet and funny.

Getting in to things at the drs office

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