Friday, February 11, 2011

Brad Paisley

For Christmas, Becca and I bought Tommy and Lance tickets to see Brad Paisley.  Last night was the big night.

2-11-11 003

And it was so much fun!!

2-11-11 006

The four of us went to dinner first and then made it to the Arena in time to see Darrius Rucker (aka Hootie).  We missed the first opener. DR played three Hootie and the Blowfish songs and one Hank Williams, Jr song.  He put on a great show.

2-11-11 008

Our seats were center stage…second to last row.  Ha!  They were actually really good though.

2-11-11 005

2-11-11 010

And he got closer to us for a few songs. 

2-11-11 014

He even came and stood at the bottom of our section before he walked back to the stage.

2-11-11 015

We had so much fun!! I am glad we had this time together with Becca and Tommy…and BRAD!

And, yes, this concert was much more my speed than the USHER concert.


Amy said...

Cute pics Renee! You and Becca could be twins in the first picture! And I love your gray shirt.. so cute! Glad you had a fun date night out.

AA said...

We love Brad Paisley too! Looks like a fun time, and great group pictures of you all!