Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Questionnaire for Reese

When Reese was still a tiny little baby I saw a fun little questionnaire a Mommy did for her kids.  At the time I could not imagine being about to have a conversation like that with Reese.  Well today I did!  I asked her the same questions about me and her daddy but did them at separate times so she would have different answers for each of us.  Her answers are in italics for me and are in bold for Lance.

*What is something Mommy/Daddy always says?
  Don’t be mean.
  Don’t be afraid.

*What makes Mommy/Daddy happy?
  Me being nice
  when I smile at him

*What makes Mommy/Daddy sad?
  When I make bad choices…hmmm…can you tell what we have been working on around here lately?
  when I am mean to him

*How does Mommy/Daddy make you laugh?
  funny faces and funny things
be funny

*What did Mommy/Daddy like to do when she/he was little?
  play with Barbies
At this point in the questioning she announced that “the question party is over”.  I eventually came back to her after a break but she didn’t know what Daddy did when he was little.

*How old is Mommy/Daddy?

*How tall is Mommy/Daddy?
  this tall (while raising her hand above her head)
  I don’t know

*What is Mommy/Daddy’s favorite TV show?
  the news
  Braves Game

*What does Mommy/Daddy do when you are not there?
  Go to meetings. I followed up with, what kind of meetings? Barbie meetings
play with Sam

*What is Mommy/Daddy really good at?
  doing fun stuff
  silly faces

*What is Mommy/Daddy not very good at?
  being a stinker

*What does Mommy/Daddy do for her job?
  clean up…ha…I’ve got her fooled

*What is your Mommy/Daddy’s favorite food?
  not healthy stuff

*What makes you proud of your Mommy/Daddy?
  making dinner
  being silly

*If Mommy/Daddy were a cartoon character, who would she/he be?
  Minnie Mouse

*What do you and Mommy/Daddy do together?
  draw pictures
eat doughnuts

*How are you and Mommy/Daddy the same?
  we have the same hair…I probably need to get her eyes checked

*How are you and Mommy/Daddy different?
  different faces
  different faces

*How do you know Mommy/Daddy loves you?
  because it is about Valentine’s Day
because when you loves somebody that means love

*What does Mommy/Daddy love most about Daddy/Mommy?
  hugging him
hugging her

*Where is Mommy/Daddy’s favorite place to go?
  the beach
the store

*What is one thing you wish you could change about Mommy/Daddy?
  her face….wonder how I should take that? I asked how she would change it and she said by magic.
  his hair

*What would Mommy/Daddy do with a million dollars?
  buy a fairy dress
  buy a giant biscuit

*What do you wish you could go and do with Mommy/Daddy?
  Chuck E. Cheese
I don’t know…I think she was totally over this by now

*What is one thing you hope never changes about Mommy/Daddy?
  her hair


Rebecca said...

Thank you for this laugh! I really needed that tonight!! That was super cute, and it makes me wonder what she would say about all of her other family members!!??!! I'll need to remember this fun game!!

Carrie Beth said...

Oh my gosh! This was hilarious and had me laughing out loud. I might have to copy and do it with Handley!

AA said...

Oh my goodness - that is too cute. I totally laughed out loud at your ages!

Amy said...

Such a cool idea.. and I was cracking up at the answers!